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Implementation Assistance and Product Training

Multiport proposals estimate a realistic minimum of services designed to get the information system off to a solid start. Services include the following areas:

A services estimate rests on two assumptions. First, Multiport and the purchaser share responsibility for setting up the system. Multiport can adjust the share of responsibility as needed to meet specific requirements. Second, the services estimate assumes a bias towards accepting the application's procedures rather than modifying the application to match current procedures. This bias, as far as it meets business requirements, produces both the lowest cost implementation and the lowest cost of ownership over the life of the system.

Multiport supports the information system in conjunction with our vendors' support staff.

Optional Services

Each implementation is unique. Services listed previously include the minimum sufficient to assist a successful implementation without modification. Multiport can tailor additional services to meet other requirements. The overall system budget should include provision for unforeseen circumstances. For example, the purchaser might request more time on any of the standard services beyond the time estimated, like training or procedure review. Or Multiport can optionally handle the role of system administrator. Other possible services include the following:

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